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Accepted Papers

Computing by Nature
  • Andris Ambainis and Alexander Rivosh (Riga, Latvia)
    Quantum random walks with multiple or moving marked locations

  • Jacek Dąbrowski (Gdańsk, Poland)
    Parallel immune system for graph coloring

  • Sebastian Dörn (Ulm, Germany) and Thomas Thierauf (Aalen, Germany)
    The quantum complexity of group testing

  • Diego de Falco and Dario Tamascelli (Milano, Italy)
    Quantum walks: a Markovian perspective

  • Marek Krętowski (Białystok, Poland)
    A memetic algorithm for global induction of decision trees

  • Věra Kůrková (Prague, Czech Republic) and Marcello Sanguineti (Genova, Italy)
    Geometric rates of approximation by neural networks

  • Camelia-M. Pintea, Camelia Chira, Dan Dumitrescu (Cluj-Napoca, Romania), and Petrica Claudiu Pop (Baia-Mare, Romania)
    A sensitive metaheuristic for solving a large optimization problem

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