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Accepted Papers

Student Research Forum
  • Peter Bartalos and Mária Bieliková (Bratislava, Slovakia)
    (S)CRUD pattern support for semantic web applications

  • Daniel Berend, Ephraim Korach, and Shira Zucker (Beer-Sheva, Israel)
    Tabu search for the BWC problem

  • Nieves Brisaboa, Yolanda Cillero, Susana Ladra, Antonio Fariña, and Oscar Pedreira (A Coruña, Spain)
    Implementing byte-oriented rank and select operations

  • Stefan Gulan and Henning Fernau (Trier, Germany)
    Local elimination-strategies in finite automata for shorter regular expressions

  • Jana Katreniaková (Bratislava, Slovakia)
    Mental map preserving cluster expansion

  • Ján Katrenič and Gabriel Semanišin (Košice, Slovakia)
    Complexity of ascent finding problem

  • Jiří Kléma (Prague, Czech Republic), Jana Šilhavá, Pavel Smrž (Brno, Czech Republic), and Filip Železný (Prague, Czech Republic)
    Gene expression data mining guided by genomic background knowledge

  • Pavel Moravec (Brno, Czech Republic)
    Approximations of state spaces reduced by partial order reduction

  • Dominik Ramík (Ostrava, Czech Republic)
    Extensible modular neural network based system for human face recognition with filtering of similar faces

  • Roman Špánek, Martin Řimnáč, and Zdeňka Linková (Prague, Czech Republic)
    On creating a trusted and distributed data source environment

  • Josef Šprojcar (Brno, Czech Republic)
    An information-theoretic secure protocol for private anonymous communication

  • Ján Suchal (Bratislava, Slovakia)
    On finding power method in spreading activation search

  • Fabian Wagner (Ulm, Germany)
    Hardness results for isomorphism and automorphism of trivalent graphs

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