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Invited Talk
Networks, Security and Cryptography

Sunday, January 20, 17:30 - 19:00

Ahmad-Reza Sadeghi

Trusted Computing—State of the Art and Challenges

The advent of e-commerce, e-government, and the rapid expansion of world-wide connectivity demands end-user systems that can assure the adherence to well-defined security policies. In this context Trusted Computing (TC) aims at providing a framework and mechanisms that allow computing platforms and processes in a distributed IT system to gain assurance about each others' integrity (trustworthiness) with respect to a given security policy. An industrial attempt towards realization of Trusted Computing is the initiative of the Trusted Computing Group (TCG), an alliance of a large number of IT enterprises. The TCG has published a set of specifications for extending conventional computer architectures with a variety of security-related features and cryptographic mechanisms.

The TCG approach has not only been subject of academic investigation but also many public debates. Though the discussion on TC has resuscitated efforts on designing secure and interoperable operating systems. Currently, several prominent research and industrial projects are investigating trustworthy IT systems based on Trusted Computing functionalities, next generation processors, virtualization technologies, and secure operating system design.

The purpose of this talk is, after an introduction to highlight some special aspects of the trusted computing technology, to present some current research results in this area as well as some challenges towards establishing trusted infrastructures.
SOFSEM 2008, January 19-25, High Tatras, Slovakia