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Invited Talk
Web Technologies

Thursday, January 24, 17:30 - 19:00

Peter Brusilovsky

Social Information Access: The Other Side of the Social Web

Modern Web, which is frequently called Social Web or Web 2.0, celebrates the power of the user community. Most frequently it is associated with the power of users as contributors or various kinds of contents through Wikis, blogs, and resource sharing sites. However, the community power impacts not only the production of Web content, but also the access to all kinds of Web content. A number of research groups worldwide work on social information access techniques, which help users get to the right information using "community wisdom" distilled from tracked actions of those who worked with this information earlier. This talk provides and overview of this research stream focusing on social search, social navigation, and social visualization techniques.

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SOFSEM 2008, January 19-25, High Tatras, Slovakia